About Us

Technology & Passion

We believe that technology can improve people’s lives, especially those who live with disease or handicap.
We are passionate about turning technology into products that people can use.
The EOPatch wearable disposable insulin pump is only the first of many products that are in our lab and on our drawing boards.
We want to offer the best, the safest, the most reliable, the most economical ways to manage disease. We will never stop until we do.
Started at a prestigious university incubation center in Seoul in 2011,
EOFlow has been working diligently to commercialize a noble technology developed by a group of professors in the US.
Our unique technology and extensive design & manufacturing know-hows allow us to build highly reliable and safe drug delivery products at affordable prices. We are also continuously and actively talking to other individuals,
companies and institutions with complementing technologies to make sure our future product offerings will also be the right tools to help you manage your disease or handicap and improve your life.

Mission Statement
  • EOFLOW provides advanced and user friendly drug delivery solutions to all those who need them.
  • EOFLOW improves life quality, and contributes to improve the world to be a better place to live.
Key Members
  • Jesse Kim

  • Luis Malave

  • Ian G. Welsford

  • David Klonoff

  • Kerry Lee

    Executive VP, Marketing
  • Eddie Park

    Executive VP, COO
  • Daesung Private Equity
  • Idea Bridge Asset Management
  • KDB Bank
  • Idea Bridge Partners
  • LB Investment
Certifications & Awards
  • GMP Certified

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