What is a Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensor (CGMS)?

Worn on your body, a CGMS allows you to read your blood glucose level 24/7 without pricking your finger.
Some pricking may still be required for initial calibration of sensors.

EOPatch with CGMS for Better Control

Usually a CGMS requires a controller of its own, but with qualified CGM sensors,
EOPatch’s ADM controller can double as the monitoring device.
Use a qualified sensor together with Patch,
and the ADM will alert you when your blood sugar level is out of range.

Qualified CGM Sensor

Currently, EOPatch system has integrated support for POCTech’s CT-100B CGM sensor.
EOFlow’s ADM can be used to connect and monitor the sensor, and you don’t need a separate monitoring device.
EOPatch will continue to add more supported CGM sensors in the future.

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