• [Hankyung BIO Insight] EOFlow Plans for Diversification to Non-insulin Drug Delivery

  • EOFlow's product diversification plan was introduced on Hankyung BIO Insight on 04/25/2021 (in Korean only): 

    In summary, reporter Sun-a Lee from Bio & Healthcare department in the Korea Economic Daily announced that EOFlow plans to leverage advantages of its recently launched wearable insulin pump EOPatch and expand the business to other non-insulin drug delivery. The advantages of its core platform technology include small, light, low-power, high-output and low-cost EOPump, which makes the diversification to non-insulin drug delivery possible. 
    The reporter mentioned that there is a wide range of subcutaneous drug candidates for EOFlow, including hormonal drug, pain management and chemical drugs. Jesse Kim, the founding CEO of EOFlow mentioned that the company is developing non-insulin wearable drug pumps and it is under discussion with several domestic and international pharmaceutical companies and plans to have partnership or JV arranged.

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