• [Medical Observer] New Insulin and Insulin Delivery Devices the Paradigm Shift

  • Reporter Park from Medical Observer introduced EOFlow's wearable, disposable insulin pump EOPatch in the article today. (In Korean only: http://www.monews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=305824)

    At the bottom of the article, reporter Park introduced EOFlow as a company that successfully commercialized the disposable, wearable insulin pump called "EOPatch."
    Unlike other conventional insulin pumps, EOPatch is a small and light wearable pump without infusion lines, so it can be attached to any body areas such as the abdomen, the upper arm, or thigh for 3.5 days. EOPatch users can replace the patch twice a week on a fixed day for improved compliance. 

    The reporter also noted that EOFlow aims to develop an all-in-one wearable artificial pancreas system that combines a wearable insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitoring sensor. This item will be the world's first wearable artificial pancreas.

    Please refer to the article link above for details.

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