• EOFlow Officially Launches EOPatch’s Smartphone Application ‘Narsha’

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  • ▶ World’s first smartphone app for controlling wearable insulin pump
    ▶ Improved ease of use by replacing a portable device with a smartphone app
    ▶ EOPatch Online Education Center is now open to educate and promote benefits of wireless insulin management system

    EOFlow Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ: 294090) (EOFlow or the Company), a provider of wearable drug delivery solutions, today announces that it officially launches ‘Narsha,’ a smartphone application for wearable insulin pump in Korea.

    Narsha is world’s first smartphone application (hereinafter referred to as app) that can monitor and control insulin delivery of the Company’s tubeless, wearable and disposable ‘EOPatch’ insulin pump. EOpatch users can download the Narsha app for free from Google Play Store.

    Narsha has all of the features of the existing smartphone-like controller, ‘ADM,’ as well as its cloud-based diabetes data management program, ‘EOBridge,’ eliminating the need to carry a dedicated controller at all times. Narsha can also communicate with certain blood glucose meters (BGM) via Bluetooth, providing the convenience of monitoring one’s blood glucose level and making insulin delivery decisions in one app. 

    The app offers a guardian mode for sharing the user’s insulin infusion data with others such as guardians or medical personnel in real time through a dedicated and secure cloud server. The Company explained that Narsha not only adjusts the wearable pump’s insulin delivery but also stores up to 90 days’ infusion history, which can be used for personalized diabetes management and as useful data when consulting with healthcare professionals. With all these advanced features, the Company expects Narsha to greatly improve experience as well as compliance by EOPatch insulin pump users. 

    "We are thrilled to launch Narsha, the world’s first smartphone app for controlling wearable insulin pump," said Jesse Kim, founding CEO of EOFlow. "At EOFlow we strive to improve the quality of life for the insulin-dependent diabetes patients through innovative and advanced technologies."
    "We will continue to strengthen the competitiveness of our products and services to deliver better user experiences. Our goal is to absolutely minimize the interruption caused by insulin use from one’s life," he added.

    The Company then announced an event to celebrate the official Narsha launch. If users return their ADMs (controllers) to the Company and switch to the Narsha apps, the Company will compensate each of them with 1 box (9 patches) of EOPatch. More information can be found on Huons’ official online mall ‘Hu:On Diabetes Care (www.eopatch.co.kr).’

    The Company added that it opened the ‘EOPatch Online Education Center (www.eopatch.com)’ followed by the official launch of Narsha. On the EOPatch Online Education Center, users can watch educational videos, sign up for virtual training sessions, and participate in free-trials. Through the online education center, EOFlow plans to educate and promote the wireless insulin management system as well as proper use of insulin.

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