• EOFlow Begins Clinical Study of its Wearable Insulin Pump “EOPatch” on People With Type 2 diabetes in Korea

  • EOFlow Begins Clinical Study of its Wearable Insulin Pump “EOPatch” on People With Type 2 diabetes in Korea_FN.pdf (59,903k)
  • ▶ This clinical study involves ten leading university hospitals and up to one hundred and thirty-six people with Type 2 diabetes. It is Korea’s largest ever clinical study employing insulin pumps.
    ▶ This pioneering study aims to demonstrate and validate efficacy of EOPatch for Type 2 diabetes therapy.

    EOFlow Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ: 294090) (EOFlow or the Company), a provider of wearable drug delivery solutions, has announced today that the Company completed enrollment of first patient in a clinical study on type 2 diabetes for its wearable insulin pump “EOPatch” in Korea.
    This study is conducted at ten university-hospitals, seven of which are in Seoul metropolitan area and the other three in nonmetropolitan area. The Company said that the study would ultimately enroll one hundred and thirty-six people with type 2 diabetes. This study is supported by Korean government research grants and is known to be the largest clinical study for insulin pump therapy in Korea. The Company said that notwithstanding the COVID-19 situation, there were many applicants for participation in the clinical study; it expects the recruitment of patients to proceed smoothly as planned.
    This clinical study is a multicenter trial which aims to validate the clinical safety and efficacy of EOPatch for treating people with type 2 diabetes – thus, expanding its user base beyond type 1 diabetes patients. For the near term, the Company is focused on acceleration of patient registration process.
    According to EOFlow’s founder CEO Jesse J. Kim, “We expect to obtain significant and meaningful trial data by around mid year 2022. Based on the trial data, we intend to demonstrate and validate safety and efficacy of therapy using EOPatch for people with type 2 diabetes, improving quality of life for them.” CEO Jesse J. Kim added, “In spite of COVID-19 related challenges, we will make every effort to ensure that this clinical study proceeds successfully in a timely manner.”
    EOFlow’s EOPatch is Korea’s first (and the world’s second) tubeless, wearable, and disposable insulin pump. It makes possible continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) for insulin dependent type 1 and 2 diabetes. EOPatch is controlled by the recently launched smartphone app “Narsha”– the world’s first smartphone application that can monitor and control insulin delivery by a pump. Narsha contributed to much improved user experience as well as compliance by EOPatch users. EOPatch can be ordered online from Huons’ official online mall “Hu:on Diabetes Care” (https://www.eopatch.co.kr), and the Narsha app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

    For any IR/PR inquiries, please email to ir.pr@eoflow.com

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