• EOFLOW moves in to a new campus

  • Eoflow has moved to a new location in Healthcare Innovation Park (HIP) run by Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUH), located in Bundang, Korea.  The new building is located in a 45,000m^2 campus situated at the foot of a green hill and boasts more than 78,000m^2 of office space.  HIP promises to be a major healthcare innovation hub in Korea that nurtures synergistic business opportunities by facilitating cooperation among medical facilities, universities and healthcare companies large and small.  HIP is not just a physical campus but also provides infrastructure and opportunities for the resident companies to cooperate with medical staffs at SNUH and researchers at SNU to help companies innovate and innovations find adoption in real world.  Eoflow is honored to be a part of the prestigious cooperative program.


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