• EOFlow Initiates Eco-Friendly Disposal Campaign for EOPatch in Korea Embracing and Integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

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  • ▶EOFlow will collect, process, and dispose of used EOPatch pumps in an environmentally safe manner
    ▶EOFlow will set up an Incentive Program for this Campaign

    EOFlow Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ: 294090) (EOFlow or the Company), a provider of wearable drug delivery solutions, announced today that the Company is initiating an environmentally friendly disposal campaign to minimize the impact of used EOPatch pumps on the environment.

    As there are no environmental regulations or guidelines for proper disposal of used medical devices in Korea, used patches are currently discarded in the regular trash – which is an environmental concern. To address this concern, aligned with ESG, EOFlow decided to start a campaign of collection and environmentally safe disposal of used EOPatch pumps.
    To participate, EOPatch customers can simply mail 30 used EOPatch pumps at a time to EOFlow. EOFlow will cover shipping cost as well as other costs associated with the disposal process.
    This campaign applies only to products sold in Korea at present.
    Through this campaign, the Company aims to encourage not only environmental awareness, but also diabetes awareness. Customers can find more information on the campaign at company official website (www.eoflow.com) and EOPatch Online Education Center (www.eopatch.com).
    In addition, EOFlow will set up a fund and contribute 500 Korean Won for each used EOPatch returned. Each time the number of used EOPatch pumps received by EOFlow reaches 10,000, the fund balance (5,000,000 Korean Won) will be donated to a selected organization that serves the diabetes community in Korea. The donation will be accompanied with recognition of EOFlow customers who participated in the campaign. Also, a program will be set up to periodically award active campaign participants.
    “Starting with this environmentally friendly patch disposal campaign, EOFlow will continue to take the lead in various environmentally and socially responsible activities and make further contributions to its community. The Company is firmly committed to reduce its environmental footprint, and will continue to create and improve on ESG management policies," EOFlow’s head of marketing department Joseph Jongok Seo said.

    [EOFlow’s Eco-Friendly Disposal Campaign for EOPatch in Korea]


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