• EOFLOW chosen as the best TIPS company of 2017

  • EOFLOW was voted the best TIPS-backed company of 2017 at the '2017 TIPS Grand Convention.'  The selection was based on weighed scores of votes from a group of investors as well as the convention attendees.  TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Start-up) is a startup incubation program sponsored by Ministry of SME and Startups (MSS), and jointly run by Korea Business Angels Association, private angels & incubator groups.  TIPS has been widely considered the best-run incubation program in Korea that it is being duplicated and referenced by other incubators and government programs more than any other programs.  EOFLOW had been a portfolio company and a recent graduate of the program, and one of six contestants chosen from scores of other graduates to present at the annual convention.

    A major Korean online news site, News1, covered the event in an article (in Korean only):



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