• EOFLOW's product chosen as a 'Top 100 Science Spinoffs'

  • EOFLOW was recently informed that SPINOFF.COM had chosen EOFLOW's 'tiny wearable artificial pancreas' as one of 'the Top 100 Science Spinoffs.'  The product has 'entered 2 % out of 5,000 global science spinoffs according to the following criteria: uniqueness of the technology/product, high commercial potential and positive impact to the humanity’s well-being,' according to SPINOFF.COM.

    You can find out more about SPINOFF.COM here:

    You can read about us on SPINOFF.COM here:

    Below is a description on SPINOFF.COM from its report:
    'SPINOFF.COM is the Investment Information System (IIS) which utilizes free of cost AI-engine
    driven platform and off-line value-added service (VAS) with 25 in-house employees and
    24 external professional syndicate members. Our goal is to create the complete portfolio of all the
    world's high potential scientific spinoffs in one place and provide the scientists with the fastest
    and the most convenient way of fundraising and identification, evaluation and signing distributors
    and partners. With over 5,000 publications per year, SPINOFF.COM is the largest platform that
    connects over 600 universities and research organizations with over 30,000 investors (venture
    capitals - VC, private equity companies - PE, family offices – FO, and multi-national corporations -
    MNC) and over 200,000 distributors globally.'

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