• Improved EOPatch is approved in Korea

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  • EOFlow announced yesterday that its improved EOPatch recently obtained a regulatory approval from the Korean MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety).
    The new EOPatch has a number of new features that improve users' experience, including the adoption of a soft cannula for more comfortable wear and extending the life of the Patch (wearable disposable pump unit) to 3.5days.  This extension of half a day (previously 3days) will allow users a weekly routine of changing two Patches on the same days of the week, improving the overall compliance.

    In addition, the new EOPatch includes a cloud-based software product called EOBridge which allows users' data to be stored and accessed through a cloud server.  EOBridge is actually made up of several software apps and applications.  A user can install an app that synchronizes with her controller so that all the data can be monitored from her smart phone.  The app can also automatically send text messages to pre-registered users' phones if there is an alarm or alert.  The controller is still needed for controlling insulin or changing any of the settings.  There is also a guardian-mode app that can be installed on a parent's smartphone, for example, allowing access to all the user's data via cloud server for remote monitoring and assistance. 

    In Korea, EOPatch will be available for purchase before the end of this year through Huons (www.huons.com) who is the exclusive distributor for the Korean market.

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