• EOFlow Presented a Drug Delivery Session at 2021 Spring Symposium of Korean Endocrine Society

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  • ▶ Delivers a paradigm shift in diabetes management with its wearable insulin pump “EOPatch”
    ▶ Leading digital medical device trends with EOFlow’s innovative technology

    On April 12, EOFlow, a provider of wearable drug delivery solutions, has announced that it presented a drug delivery session at spring symposium of Korean Endocrine Society.
    2021 Spring Symposium of KES themed “Endocrinology Meets Immunology” was held at Yeosu EXPO Convention Center from April 9th to 10th, where medical experts in the field of endocrinology have shared their intellectual opinions on recent trends.
    Jesse Kim, the founding CEO of EOFlow, presented a drug delivery session titled “Wearable Diabetes Management: Today and Tomorrow”, where he delivered a presentation on wearable insulin pump and artificial pancreas to a paradigm shift in diabetes management.
    In addition, Jesse Kim discussed an ongoing digital and point-of-care (POC) trend in the healthcare industry with EOFlow’s platform technology. Digital healthcare is emerging as a new mainstream in healthcare service due to financial burden on medical expenses, ICT technology advancement, and paradigm shift in medicine. He emphasized that EOFlow would develop virtuous cycle of POC and digital trend based on its platform technology.
    With its recently launched wearable insulin pump “EOPatch” in Korea, EOFlow is leading the paradigm shift in insulin delivery. EOPatch is a disposable wearable insulin pump which is used to continuously deliver insulin in blood glucose control. It is the world’s second wearable disposable insulin pump to be commercially available. It provides advanced features to improve insulin users’ Quality of Life (QoL) such as, ▲ Wireless/tubeless ▲ Small and light design ▲ Waterproof ▲ Long wear time (3.5 days) to allow twice-a-week compliance ▲ faster needle insertion than other wearable solutions for reduced insertion pain.
    Jesse Kim said that with an artificial pancreas, monitoring users’ blood glucose level and automatically adjusting insulin delivery for controlling blood glucose levels would be possible. EOFlow plans to conduct a feasibility clinical study next month with “EOPatch X,” a closed-loop, two-part wearable artificial pancreas solution. EOFlow also has an integrated wearable artificial pancreas solution, “EOPancreas” in its future product portfolio.
    “EOFlow plans to expand its wearable drug delivery solutions to other non-insulin drugs. As a wider range of subcutaneous drugs become available, connected, digital wearable drug delivery solutions such as EOFlow’s are gaining increasing attention,” EOFlow official said, “EOFlow will enhance its competitiveness in the global medical device industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.”
    EOFlow showcased its wearable insulin pump EOPatch at the 2021 spring symposium of KES. EOFlow's exhibition booth was accompanied by Huons, an exclusive distributor of EOPatch in the Korean market.

    Jesse Kim presented a drug delivery session at 2021 spring symposium of Korean Endocrine Society

    Jesse Kim discussed in a drug delivery session at 2021 spring symposium of Korean Endocrine Society

    EOFlow showcased its wearable insulin pump “EOPatch”, accompanied by Huons

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