• [MoneyToday] EOFlow Aims for the Global No.1 with its Wearable Artificial Pancreas Solution

  • EOFlow's wearable insulin pump "EOPatch" and its wearable artificial pancreas solution was introduced on MoneyToday on 04/13/2021 (in Korean only):

    In summary, Reporter Kim emphasized that EOFlow is leading the paradigm shift in insulin delivery, starting with EOPatch. 
    EOFlow's recently launched EOPatch is a disposable wearable insulin pump which is used to continuously deliver insulin in blood glucose control.
    It is the world’s second wearable disposable insulin pump to be commercially available. It provides advanced features to improve insulin users’ Quality of Life (QoL) such as, ▲ Wireless/tubeless ▲ Small and light design ▲ Waterproof ▲ Long wear time (3.5 days) to allow twice-a-week compliance ▲ faster needle insertion than other wearable solutions for reduced insertion pain.
    The reporter added that CE marking for EOPatch is expected by the end of May, and Europe launch is expected from 2H21.

    Moreover, the reporter emphasized that EOFlow aims for the global No.1 with its wearable artificial pancreas solution.
    EOFlow’s pipeline includes two artificial pancreas projects, EOPatchX and EOPancreas.
    The first project, EOPatchX is targeted for a “2022” launch and combines CGM sensor with algorithm and the EOPatch pump.
    The ambitious EOPancreas project, which has backing from both JDRF and the FDA, is a single-patch, on-body CGM/algorithm/pump patch. 

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