This product is an external insulin injection device that automatically injects insulin from the
outside of the body to control blood glucose levels for the treatment of diabetes.
※ Caution: This product is a 'medical device', so please read the 'Precautions for use’
and 'How to use' carefully before using the product.

Small and Light Wearable
Insulin Pump

Thinner, narrower, than any other leading brands.
Thin & small: can ‘disappear’ under your clothes.
Waterproof: you can take shower or swim with the pump worn.

· Thickness: 14.5mm
· Weight: 29.4g (Wearable unit weight: 26g / excluding insulin)
· Waterproof: IPx8 (1m under water for 24 hours)

Smart & flexible basal and bolus control

Patch can provide sustained infusion of insulin
throughout the day (basal) and/or infuse
additional amount of insulin over a short period of time (bolus).

Entirely disposable
(3.5-day use)

Use for up to 3.5 days and throw away the entire Patch

– Keeps you safe from any threat of infection.
– Allows weekly change routine (twice a week).

Fast occlusion detection capability

Built-in cutting-edge sensing technology can detect occlusion
fast even at the lowest infusion speed.

Safe & Painless


- System notifies when a proper soft cannula insertion is made, giving you the peace of mind that the insertion is secure.


- Minimizes pain with an insertion speed that is much faster than other leading brands.
It also has a soft cannula to minimize discomfort during the wear.

Item Specification
Overall Type BF medical device, Disposable,
Water proof (IPx8: 1m for 24hr)
Dimension 49.5 x 39 x 14.5 (mm)
Weight 29.4g (Wearable unit weight: 26g / excluding insulin)
Alarm type Audible (Piezo buzzer)
Reservoir Holds up to 200 U (2ml),
Need to fill at least 80U to activate the pump
Cannula Soft cannula, Insertion depth 4.75mm (vertical)
Shelf life 12months
Use life 84hours

Not FDA-approved
Not CE-certified

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