Smart and Easy Pump Control

ADM (Advanced Diabetes Manager) is a smartphone-like
controller with a color touch screen for easy operations.
Fully programmable basal and bolus control: can save up
to 8 basal programs and 8 bolus preset programs

Comprehensive Monitoring
of Patch

ADM keeps track of many important data
such as Patch insulin infusion status, history, and blood glucose trend.
It also monitors for Patch use time, battery status,
and abnormal conditions such as occlusion and promptly notifies the user.


Popular Android OS is adopted for easy-to-use menus and interface
on a wide color touch screen.

· Colorful wide touch screen
· Android-based user interface

Item Specification
Overall Full Color Touch Screen
116.5 x 64.5 x 11.4 mm, Weight 110g (with Battery)
OS Android
UI Full touch global GUI (Graphic User Interface)
Language Korean/English (Chinese/German/French/Spanish to be supported in the future)
Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy
Display Full color wide TFT LCD
Alarm type Audible (speaker), Visible (4 lights LED), Tactile (vibration motor)
Data Storage 90-days user data logging

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