This product is an external insulin injection device that automatically injects insulin from the
outside of the body to control blood glucose levels for the treatment of diabetes.
※ Caution: This product is a 'medical device', so please read the 'Precautions for use’
and 'How to use' carefully before using the product.

EOPATCH Insulin Management System

Diabetes is a disease that you manage. The better you manage your blood glucose level,
the more likely you can prevent the host of complications that accompany the disease,
such as eye damages or foot damages. Yet, the burden of constantly trying to manage blood sugar is sometimes too much.
Our EOPatch wearable insulin pump system, with the thin and light disposable pump unit (Patch),
and the smart-phone like color touchscreen controller (ADM) together with the advanced managing software tools,
is designed to take off some of that burden, and make your life a little bit easier.

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